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Be the one of the first to enter the currently being created history of the Global Tchaikovsky online competition! Win the hearts of people with your talents, and artistic skills!


Let the artistry and charm of your voice discourage even the most demanding judges! The Vocal nomination of the GTOC is already announced



Check out your fingers are already sharp and bright to compete in the Global Tchaikovsky online competition in the nomination of Voilini! Wait for the most demanding listeners to say "Bravo"!



The dates will be announced later. Let the depth of sound immerse your audience in the indescribable beauty of the world of your soul! English description for list of nominations



If every day you stubbornly and honestly carry out the task set for yourself, then the goal you strive for will certainly be achieved.

Choreographic bar, tutu, pointe shoes, bun on the back of the head - that's the basis of all the basics!



TRANSLATE TO ENGLISH: Сроки проведения будут объявлены дополнительно. Обворожите своих слушателей, взяв под своё руководство оркестр, шедевры величайших композиторов и само время! Описание для списка номинаций на английском, размещаемое на верхнеуровневом элементе номинации.

Piano, 2019

7th March - 19th April 2019

The first International Tchaikovsky Online Piano Competition for Young Musicians was held in 2019. More than 40 young pianists from 11 countries took part in the competition and the final round was held live in the concert hall of Seoul Cyber University, which acted as the General Partner and Co-organizer of the competition. The jury consisted of outstanding musicians from 6 countries.

Our laureates

Akito Tani

First Prize «Piano-2019»

Saehyun Kim

Second Prize «Piano-2019»

Alexander Doronin

Third Prize «Piano-2019»

Kang Hyun Kim

Fifth Prize &Piano-2019»

Jun Ho Jang

Fourth Prize &Piano-2019»

Adrian Romoff

Sixth Prize «Piano-2019»

Roman Sosnin

Seventh Prize «Piano-2019»

International Tchaikovsky Online Competition is a new global project at the intersection of technical innovation and the famous music tradition. It combines democratic requirements and most valuable rewards for participants. Get your chance to become public and succeed.

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